Robert Loe CPA

Existing/Returning Clients

Thank you for choosing to return to Robert Loe & Associates for your accounting/tax needs. We genuinely appreciate getting to know our clients during our short times together and being able to continue that relationship year to year.

Since you have already been with us through one engagement, we can hopefully make the next one even easier.

Tax Clients:

If you are a returning tax client, we should already have your previous information on file. When we created your client file, we had you choose a method for delivery of the client organizer. You should receive these in January via your preferred method, mail or email. You can either send us back the client organizer or bring with you to your appointment. We recommend creating an appointment with us so that a) we can reconnect with you as a client, and b) make sure we have any information on changes that have occurred during the tax year that may have tax implications. We understand that you have busy schedules so if you don’t believe that anything has changed since the previous year, please feel free to just send us the information we need and we can contact you should we have any questions. For simplicity and security, we recommend that if you email us documents that they be in a PDF format. We have had issues in the past with pictures or JPEG’s of documents.

Currently, we do not have any sort of file upload capability on our website. We are however, currently working on and creating such a utility so as to provide further ease of service to our clients. We ask that for the time being, email, in person drop-off or mail be used as the primary form of information and data transfer. Thank you for your understanding.

If you did not receive a copy of your organizer, please contact us. The organizers for existing clients are customized to each client to show last years data for comparative abilities as well as being able to see what information you had last year.

Audit Clients:

If you are a returning audit client, we should already have your previous information on file. Please call or email our office if you intend to create a new audit engagement for the year. Upon acceptance for a new engagement, we will create an engagement letter and send it to you for signature. We must have received the signed engagement letter before we start on any work for the audit. Once we have the engagement letter, we will contact you for confirmation and we can schedule dates for our initial field visit and to get the required documents and records we need to do our audit. If you have any questions, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


All Other Returning Clients:

If you are a returning client for any of our other services, please contact us directly as most of these jobs are very unique in nature and requires us to actively handle them so that we can ensure all the information we need, as well as the information you need, is given. With that being said, please contact Robert or the office directly to schedule a meeting so that we may discuss your professional needs.

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