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IRS Refunds

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All you need is your social security number, your filing status, and the amount for the refund that is shown on your return.

According to their site, “the IRS issues more than 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days. However, it’s possible your tax return may require additional review and take longer. Where’s My Refund? has the most up to date information available about your refund. The tool is updated daily so you don’t need to check more often.”

Please also note that when you visit the IRS website there may be COVID-19 processing delays in effect. The following link will take you to the IRS Refunds page.

Before you enter your information, please read this!

Please make note that we advise you to do this on secure networks. Avoid public WiFi due to the sensitive nature of the information being entered. Public WiFi is not secure and it’s possible your information can be stolen. Therefore, please use caution when accessing sites that ask for your sensitive information while connected to non-secure networks.

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