Robert Loe CPA

Agreed-Upon Procedures for New Clients

So, you are in need of an accountant to help you complete your agreed-upon procedures?

Well you came to the right place.

Agreed-upon procedures engagements are special purpose engagements that may be provided to meet the needs of a client or third-party. The engagement does not result in a report on the financial statements taken as a whole.

Who Needs It: Unlike the other services we provide here, only you can determine if you need an agreed-upon procedure engagement.

How To Prepare: Since agreed-upon procedure engagements can vary depending on what it is that you as the client actually need, it is hard to generalize what you will need to prepare. However, since the vast majority of these engagements are contracted by those who know what they need, they can base their preparation around that. For those who don’t know, we recommend calling our office first so that we can assist you beforehand.

First Step: The first and foremost step if you want this type of engagement done is to contact us. We need to gauge the job and determine if it is something we have the expertise to do and the staff to do so. Once we decide that we will accept the engagement, we will send out an engagement letter to you, the client. This letter needs to be signed and sent back to us before we do anything. Once we have received the signed engagement letter, we will contact you to confirm and from there we will begin arrangements for document retrieval and further planning.

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