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Forensic Accounting for New Clients

So, you are in need of a forensic accountant?

Well you came to the right place.

Who Needs it: Forensic accounting can help uncover fraudulent activities or misappropriation of assets. If you think that these kinds of activities or conduct is taking place at your business, then we can help you.

How to prepare: There really isn’t much that you can do to prepare for a forensic investigation or examination. The best course of action is to not confront any suspected employees. This can easily spook them and cause then to flee from justice or even attempt to destroy or further cover their tracks. From there, you will want to get  a copy of your financial records/books.

First Step: The first and foremost step if you want a forensic investigation or examination done is to contact us. Forensic examinations can be simple or complex depending on a lot of variables so the first thing to do is talk to us so that we can assess the situation and decide if we have the expertise to complete your job. In some cases, a forensic examination may require intimate knowledge about the field in which the company operates while other times it may not. By having an initial consultation about the situation, we can determine if we are the right firm to do this job. If we feel we are able to do this job, we will continue by creating an engagement letter. From there, we must have the signed engagement letter in order for us to begin any work. After that, we will work closely with the client to ensure that we are completing the engagement in a way that satisfies the concerns that the client has.

If this sounds like what you want, please do not hesitate to call us here at the office or use the contact form on our website. We hope to hear from you soon.

Currently, these are some of the Forensic Accounting Services we offer:

Forensic Accounting Investigation and Report
Field Investigations
Account Reconstruction
Litigation Support
Agreed-Upon Procedures


Not sure if you actually need a forensic accountant? Give us a call and we can discuss the situation at hand and consult with you to determine if a forensic accountant is right for you. We can also consult with you on the types of internal controls that your company has to determine if there are any weak points which could possibly be at risk to fraudulent actions.

Forensic Accounting Investigation and Report:

Generally consisting of offsite investigative work that is focused on a specific aspect that the client has identified as the source of his problem. It can include field visits to the sites of the business to determine physical existence of various assets and business setups. We will investigate areas of the company financials related to the issue that the client has specified but may broaden our scope should any information arise that requires us to do so. We will work step by step with the client to ensure your understanding of our findings. It is up to the client on whether he wants an official report created that entails all the finding and actions that we made during the course of our investigation. We will search and analyze all aspects of your books from payroll to bank accounts and make certain that everything reconciles the way it is supposed to. No matter how hard someone tries to cover up their misdeeds, there is always a trail they left somewhere.

Field Investigations:

Jobs of this nature have generally been kept to working with the State board of accountancy and involves field investigations of other CPA firms with professional conduct issues. We also do field investigations in the course of our forensic accounting investigations as well as our audit engagements. These field investigations can range from determining physical existence of assets to inspecting accounting security procedures.

Forensic Account Reconstruction:

Have your records been destroyed either by an act of nature or possibly from malicious actions of another? We can help reconstruct the records to show what they are supposed to. This can be a very long and time-consuming process so we advise that you call us  to ensure both that this is actually the type of service you need, and that we have the available time and manpower to complete the job at this time.

Litigation Support:

We provide services for litigation support. Generally what this entails is having us reconstruct or evaluate certain assets. This may involve examining bank records to determine where all the funds have been moved to and identify the existence of all bank accounts tied to the original. We can also do the same for securities accounts. We have also been known to provide analytics on the accounts in order to evaluate the current value of the assets are or would have been if they had not been moved.

Agreed-Upon Procedures:

Should you require a special type of job done that requires a forensic accountant, please call our office and set up an appointment. There we can determine your needs and create an agreed-upon engagement that will satisfy the job that needs completion.

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