Robert Loe CPA

Forensic Accounting Job Experience

Below is a list of containing brief summary’s of the jobs performed at Robert Loe & Associates as part of our forensic accounting services. For reasons of privacy, we omit and/or abbreviate case names to stay in compliance with any non-disclosure agreements and to respect the privacy of our clients.


2016: Software Developer- Forensic Accounting Investigation and Report

Investigated what appeared to be a massive embezzlement scheme but turned out to be un-remitted payroll taxes.

2016: Beneficiary v. Beneficiary-Forensic Accounting Reconstruction

Reconstruction of testamentary trust assets required by the court.

2015-2016: Associated Counsel for the Accused (ACA)- Forensic Accounting Investigation

Three separate cases. Examined documents for the defendants accused of embezzlement. Made recommendations to the defense attorney.

2015: W v. C- Forensic Accounting Consultation

Prepared questions to be asked at depositions by defendants’ attorney concerning work performed by plaintiff’s accounting expert.

2013-2015: Ethnic Publication- Forensic Accounting Investigation and Reconstruction

Investigated and reconstructed accounting records for a company whose CEO had not filed payroll or income tax returns or kept adequate records for a period of six years.

2003-2013: State Washington Board of Accountancy-Field Investigator

Conducted over fifty field investigations of CPA firms with professional conduct issues throughout the state.

2013: Public Defender- Forensic Accounting Examination

Analysis of payroll scam. Assisted defense attorney.

2012: T v. S-Forensic Accounting Examination

Dispute between members of LLC engaged in residential foundation construction. Prepared exhibits and testified at arbitration.

2009: Local Transfer and Storage- Forensic Accounting Investigation

Embezzlement by bookkeeper. Loss of $289,518.

2009: Local Public Warehouse- Forensic Accounting Investigation

Embezzlement by bookkeeper. Loss of $233,295.

2008: Video Game Producer- Forensic Accounting Agreed-upon Procedures

Agreed-upon procedures engagement for arbitration.

2006: Oregon Board of Accountancy- Forensic Accounting Examination

Technical review of governmental audits performed by Oregon CPA.

2005: B v. R- Forensic Accounting Examination

Small trucking company. Dispute about income distribution.

2005: Mc Trust (2003)- Forensic Accounting Consultation

Lengthy legal dispute between “trustee” and “trustor” including depositions and testimony.

2003: J v. G- Forensic Accounting Consultation

Dispute between closely held entity and investors.

1998: Commercial Properties- Forensic Accounting Consultation

Disagreement among shareholders regarding compensation, and related party transactions.

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