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Check Your Refund Status

Waiting for your refund is like waiting for gifts during the holiday’s. It is just so hard to contain your excitement and you check everyday if they are there even when you know it isn’t. Well at least with your income tax refund, you can at least get the status of the refund. What you need is your social security number, your filing status, and the amount for the refund that is shown on your return. For security and legal reasons, we cannot have a direct application that does this for you. We can however, direct you to the official application created by the IRS for this exact purpose. There are two ways you can access the program.

What you need to check the status of your refund:

Items needed for Where's My Refund Social Security Number or ITIN, Filing Status, and Exact Refund Amount

How do I check My Refund?

The first way is to go to the website. From there, you will click on the “Refunds” tab (third from the left) and about halfway down the page will be a blue button that says “Where’s My Refund?”. Enter your information and see the results.

Or, you can click below.

Wheres My Refund button

Why is there two ways to get there?

We give you both options because we understand that there can be some reluctance and wariness towards entering personal information online, especially social security numbers. So, we give you the instructions to get to the same place but allow you to see each step that takes your through the official website and eventually to the Check Your Refund. This way, you know and can have confidence of the legitimacy and security of the program and continuity of information.

Before you enter your information, please read this!

Please make note that we advise that you do not do this on non-secure networks such as public WiFi due to the sensitive nature of the information being entered. Public WiFi is not secure and can be hacked and the information stolen. Therefore, please use caution when accessing sites that ask for your sensitive information while connected to non-secure networks.

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