Robert Loe CPA

What is TAS?

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is the voice of the taxpayers to the IRS. The Taxpayer Advocate Service works in two main ways – helping taxpayers with individual problems, and recommending “big picture” or systemic changes at the IRS or in the tax laws.

Individual Help

If you are having a tax problem that you haven’t been able to resolve on your own, the Advocates may be able to help.  You may be eligible for help if your IRS problem is causing financial difficulty or you believe an IRS procedure just isn’t working as it should. Read more about the kinds of cases they accept. They have office in every state to help.


Systemic Help

Some of the problems they deal with are not limited to a single taxpayer. The Taxpayer Advocate Service looks at patterns in taxpayer issues to determine if an IRS process or procedure is causing a problem, and if so, to recommend steps to resolve the problem.
Each year, the National Taxpayer Advocate presents an Annual Report to Congress, identifying at least 20 of the most serious problems facing taxpayers. In recent years, the key issues in the report have included tax-related identity theft, fraud by certain tax return preparers, and the need for a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (which the IRS has adopted).

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